The original. The JUICE BOOSTER 2 is the world’s smallest and safest mobile charging station.

Thanks to the latest technology and high standards, the JUICE BOOSTER 2 is more convenient, more efficient, safer and easier to operate than any similar charging device.

Nominated for the eCarTec AWARD 2016

By far the most important annual fair for e-mobility, the eCarTec in Munich nominates game-changing products in a complex selection process. The jury is composed of leading e-mobility experts of the industry, certification authorities, inter-trade organisations and universities. As the only mobile charging station the JUICE BOOSTER 2 was chosen as a finalist. That means from now on the JUICE BOOSTER 2 is neutrally rated as the best current mobile charging station.

Using the JUICE BOOSTER 2, charge at maximum speed from any power source.

Plug in and charge without a thought about amp selection. Automatic adapter recognition ensures the current strength is correctly adjusted straight away. Whether a standard household connection or 400 V industrial power, with the Juice Booster 2 your e-vehicle is always optimally charged, at home and abroad.


Sold to end consumers via our distribution partners which you may find here.

JUICE BOOSTER 2 Data Sheet  (Get Adobe)


The features that make the JUICE BOOSTER 2 so special:

Easy operation Plug in the appropriate adapter and go. Charge correctly and at maximum speed automatically at any socket in Europe with the JUICE BOOSTER 2.
Attractive design Convenient, elegant, clean, timeless.
Active safety 100% CE-compliant, special EV RCD AC and DC protection, temperature monitoring. Automatic adapter recognition.
Passive safety Fits under any vehicle and is not noticeable.
Theft-proof Can not be stolen during the charging process thanks to the one-piece design.
Perfect adapter set Various professional quality adapter sets, ideally tailored to the JUICE BOOSTER 2, are available as optional extras.
Sturdy Weather-resistant (rainproof, snow proof and dust proof), impact-resistant and drive-over resistant.
Minimal charging times Charges up to 400 V 32 A (22 kW).
Successfully tested with the following vehicles: Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, BMW i3, VW e-Golf, VW e-Up, Smart Electric Drive, Mercedes B 250 e and the Renault Zoe* etc.
*R240 and Q210 with charger update, available free of charge from Renault



Dimensions Diameter: 70mm
Length: 225 mm
weight 1.0 kg excluding cable
3.2 kg with cable and plug
Input current 230V 6 – 32A (single phase)
400V 6 – 32A (3-phase) AC
Power output Depends on input current
1.4 – 22.0 kW AC
Protection class / RCD / Safety IP65 / RCD DC 6 mA, RCD AC/DC 30 mA / Protective conductor monitoring
Colour Metallic anthracite
Charging mode Mode 2 in accordance with IEC 62752
Mains-end plug Black rubber caps / cables
Currently 12 self-detecting adapters
available, 1.4 m supply cable
Vehicle-end connector Type2 (EN 62196)
Cable length 3.1 m